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October 26, 2021 City Council Special Permit 190 North Ave

Case: CCSP-21-14
Doc 89 CCSP-21-14 WHC Haverhill LLC. reduce 127 bed at long term to 26 beds and convert former 101 to 41 assisted living beds for assisted living memory care


190 North Ave ( 6.17 MB )

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Dear Councilors, I am writing you this email in regard to tonight’s council meeting, specifically the “Special Permit” request from Wingate at 190 North Ave. Unfortunately, due to a previous commitment I will be unable to attend this meeting and will not be able to connect to a computer to speak virtually. My concerns and questions regarding this application for the permit are as follows. When Wingate proposed their current assisted living facility, they promoted it as vital for the future residents “continuum of care”, stating that assisted living residents will be able to just transfer to their nursing home facility across the parking lot thus not causing concern/fear for the patients. Have they now forgotten this ideology, or do they simply lie to obtain what they want? We all know they do fabricate the truth, which was evident with past traffic studies. As for their “approval” from all City departments, as we all know the approvals are based on whether or not the plans meet current City rules/regulations. These approvals do not take into account the effect on fire department and ambulance response. The fire department is required to send an engine company to all medical emergency calls at assisted living complexes due to at times no Registered Nurse on duty at the assisted living facilities. However, “skilled nursing homes” have RN’s on duty at all times thus only ambulances area dispatched to medical emergency at the homes. We already have an understaffed fire department do we really need a facility that will create more calls for fire personnel? Their proposal also suggests that there will be less traffic impact due to fewer employees. If you remember correctly when trying to get approval for the current assisted living complex, they promoted how great it would be for local residents because they would be hiring personnel from the area. Seems like that was also a fabrication to get approval. Should we really be considering a project that we put people out of work? Lastly, I am asking that voting on this proposed project be delayed until the newly elected Council is seated in 2 months. With at least 3 members of this Council being replaced and the fact that currently Wingate’s present assisted living facility has several vacancies along with vacancies at other assisted living facilities in the area, there is no need to rush this proposal through. There are more questions/concerns that need to be addressed. However, should you all decide to move forward with immediate approval I am requesting that a condition be added. That is the condition that “no signage” be allowed anywhere on North Ave for the proposed facility. This is the same condition that was approved by the council for the current assisted living complex. This is a RM residential neighborhood and residents should not have to put up with any more signs then are already present. Thank you, Patricia Barrett-MacLeod 162 North Ave Haverhill, MA.
October 26, 2021, 1:20 PM
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