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I am a concerned resident of the Ward Hill area of Haverhill. I have many concerns regarding the 154 apartments that are being proposed for the current DiBurro's site. The current infrastructure has difficulty supporting Cedardale, Cedarland, and Crescent Farms. I live off of Oxford Ave and have witnessed increased traffic on Oxford Ave, Old Boston Rd, Boston Rd, and Willow Ave due to these businesses and the access to route 125. I understand that the entrance to the proposed apartment complex will be located on Boston Rd. I am certain that the small farm roads of Old Boston Rd, Willow Ave, and the surrounding small streets are unable to handle the amount of cars that will inevitably be used for entrance into the apartments- not all cars are going to use the 125 to Boston Rd route. I'm not sure if you are aware but all of those roads are not approved for trucks and yet all of the businesses mentioned have trucks traveling them multiple times during the day. The city has not addressed that situation yet. Recently, Crescent Farms hosted a holiday lights display and there was little planning done in order to make the streets of that area safe. Speed on these streets has also been an ongoing issue that the city has not addressed. In the past few months there has been an increase in accidents on these roads because of the increase of traffic-these small old farming roads are simply unable to handle the current amount of traffic-will there be a plan if the apartments are approved, to improve ALL of the surrounding roads- paid for by the developer and NOT the city? In addition to traffic concerns, the growth of the Bradford/Ward Hill area has produced a lack of water pressure situation in the area. Increasing the housing by 150+ apartments will only add to that situation. Does the city have a plan to correct this? Over crowding in schools is another concern. If 50% of the apartments contain 2 or 3 children that will be an increase of approximately 200 students. Will Bradford Elementary, Hunking, and HHS be able to still provide a quality education with the addition of these students? Finally, I understand that I am not a "direct" neighbor of the proposed site. However, I do live less than a quarter mile away on what would be one of the "access" roads. I am shocked that as a neighbor I was not notified by mail of these proposals. I learned about them from social media. This development DIRECTLY effects me and I feel I should've been notified by the city.
July 13, 2021, 3:21 PM
Heather J Miller
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To Council Members, I have been a resident of Oxford Ave in Ward Hill since 1959. My concern about the Di Burros project are as follows: In Ward Hill there is not an inch of public land other than the Ward Hill WWII veterans memorial. What and where are the kids who will live in this developement suppose to do. The Knipe School and Church Yard are privately owned and the use of them could end at anytime. The water volume in Ward Hill is extremely low. At my house if you turn a hose on to water a garden all other faucets just trickle. There has been many developements in Ward Hill and the water issue has never been addressed. Because the inevitable increase in traffic the intersection of Old Boston Rd. and Oxford Ave, already very dangerous, needs to be corrected. I think the developer should be responsible for all costs involved. Finally this land was never residential and this is a large project that will impact many city services. I do not know if this vote can be delayed but if possible I think it should be so more input from all of us being impacted have a chance to review the plans and make intelligent comments on it. Thank You, Scott Quimby
July 13, 2021, 12:09 PM
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