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Mayor appoint members of the Plug Pond Advisory
Mayor appoints the following members of the Plug Pond Advisory Committee-to expire January 22, 2023 Andrew Herlihy, Chairman, Director of Community Development Block Grant Office Vincent Ouellette, Director, Human Services Office Rob Moore, Haverhill's Environmental Health Technician Mark Sheehan, Haverhill Trails Coordinator City Councilor Thomas Sullivan, 77 Longview Street, Haverhill Margot Regan, 82 Keeley Street, Haverhill Margaret Duffy, 40 South Chestnut Street, Haverhill Benjamin Delaware, Director, Recreation Department Shelby Trocki, 5 Burke Street, Haverhill Bronwyn Crocker, 80 Brandy Brow Road, Haverhill Nate Robertson, 54 Highland Avenue, Haverhill Fred Clark IV, 15 Lincolnshire Drive, Haverhill Colleen Hamel, 1 Forest Acres Drive, Apt. B, Haverhill Suzanne Gates, 580 Main Street, Haverhill Isabelle Alice Claps, 25 Locust Street, Apt. 302, Haverhill Michael Valvo, 262 Mill Street, Haverhill Jennifer Lavallee, 8 South Pearson Street, Haverhill Alden Watters, 115 South Riverview Street, Haverhill Kristin A. Cripps, 5 White Avenue, Haverhill Joe Gajewski, 160 East Broadway, Haverhill Kimberly Jarman, Esq., 12 Highland Avenue, Haverhill
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