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Mayor Submits 2021 subordinate officers reappointments

Case: 13.2.1.
Mayor submits the following 2021 subordinate officers reappointments - to expire December 31, 2021: Alicia McOsker, Treasurer and Collector of Taxes, for one year William Cox, City Solicitor, for one year Allison Heartquist, Mayor's Chief of Staff, for one year Shawn Regan, Mayor's Office Communications Director Lisa Yarid Ferry, Mayor's Executive Assistant, for one year Alan DeNaro, Lock-Up Keeper, for one year Luis Santiago, Soldiers' Relief and Burial Agent, for one year Michael Stankovich, Tree Warden, for one year Michael Stankovich, Gypsy Moth Control Superintendent, for one year Michael Stankovich, Fence Viewer, for one year Michelle Cannon, Poundkeeper, for one year Karin Devlin, Inspector of Animals, for one year Thomas Bridgewater, Inspector of Buildings, for one year.

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